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Featured Functions

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  • 1. Undetected Bot
    - 0 report on Ouchm users get banned since its release date. We certainly care about your valuable account.
  • 2. Auto Main Story Quests
    - We know that how much time it takes to raise a new character, and this is why we made the function to save your time.
  • 3. Auto Daily Quests
    - Get bored doing daily quests? Let us handle the repetitive quests for you so that you can put more efforts on the fun parts of the game.
  • 4. Custom Bot
    - OuchM is fully customizable. You can choose how OuchM gonna help you as you wish.
  • 5. Human-like Performance
    - We know how bots are like, and that's the reason why we made OuchM human-like to prevent getting banned.
  • 6. 100% Green
    -Your accounts and personal information are 100% safe with OuchM. Stealing personal information is against the laws, we don’t take risks doing that.

Real OuchM User Reviews

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aubergine18Ragnarok M Eternal Love
Recommended. I usually dont use bots, but ROM takes too much of my time on those daily quests. Ouchm simply completes those repetitive boring quests for me so I can have time to experience the fun parts. Thank you ouchm!
eltsyrmmRagnarok M Eternal Love
I can give 10/10 for current feaatures, ouchm is incredibly helpful. Hope your team could add more useful features!
EdgeveronRagnarok M Eternal Love
damn finally i could taste delicious mvps and minis

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question or difficulty while using OuchM Bot, you are always welcome to contact us through our Official Forum or via email [email protected]

  • 1. May I use OuchM on my smart phone?
    A: We apologize for your inconvenience, but currently you can only run OuchM on Android emulators.
  • 2. Does OuchM include any malware that may steal my accounts or my personal information?
    A: No, OuchM is totally green, and we promise that your accounts and personal information are totally safe with OuchM. You may see Term of Service and Privacy Policies if you have further concern.
  • 3. Will OuchM support more games?
    A: Absolutely! We are adding more functions to current bots as well as bringing OuchM to more games! You are welcome to tell us which game you want OuchM Bot most.
  • 4. Will I get banned for using OuchM?
    A: OuchM uses the most advanced technology to prevent your accounts getting banned, and we have received 0 report on OuchM users get banned since its release date. However, sometimes game updates may include something we could not recognize immediately. If you would like to guarantee 100% safety, it is always a good idea to use OuchM several days after game updates so that we could make sure its reliability in the duration.
  • 5. OuchM seems good, how can I get it?
    A: OuchM is totally free. You can click on the DOWNLOAD buttons on our official website to download OuchM and start to use immediately once you installed into your emulator. Please read our tutorials if you have difficulty installing OuchM, or contact us for help.
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